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Have you got an event that needs covering from either a photography or videography aspect? Parties, celebrations, formal dinners, balls, anything!

We would love to hear about the event and to see if it's a perfect match for us. I'm pretty sure it will be...

We rely on those natural and candid moments. Although those posed shots are just as sexy, our motto 'Capturing Moments' really is our aim from start to finish on any project. If you are after a relaxed, natural shoot, feeling like there actually isn't a guy with a camera there, then you are in the right place! Get in touch today!



LMSS Annual Ball 2024


LMSS Charity Dinner 2023


Although we aren't shy of asking someone to strike a pose or to 'do an action again' or getting close to the action, we LOVE those natural and candid moments. Staying back and observing the crowd is 9/10 times the best way to get footage that really tells a story.


We believe in content that suits your event. No matter where we are, our main aim is to always be a fly on the wall and to not be recognised often or even at all during the event. Outside of event hours, I will probably have a good natter with anyone! 

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